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Subscriber Information
Do you want to learn more about ArkLUG and stay up to date on our activities? Join the ArkLUG Subscribers* group on Facebook at This private group is a general (non-public) information group for members and subscribers of ArkLUG.

*Inclusion in this Facebook group does not include you in the active ArkLUG member roster.



Membership Information
Do you live in or near Arkansas and want to share your LEGO experiences with other people just like you? If so, come join us! If you would like to become an active ArkLUG member and participate at our events, fill out a membership application and bring it to one of our regularly scheduled meetings.

Adult LEGO enthusiasts from Arkansas or surrounding areas are welcome to join ArkLUG.  You must be 18 years old or older to become a full member. Teenage LEGO enthusiasts ages 13-17 are welcome to join ArkLUG with Parent/Guardian membership and participation. Beginning in 2018 there will be a yearly membership fee of $25 per year per adult member. Teen membership dues are waived.

Meeting schedules are posted at

Membership Application can be downloaded at: